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Vation Technology GmbH advises and supports companies, institutions and organizations in all questions addressing information technology and telecommunications solutions. Through dedicated international senior professionals with the highest credentials and pertinent years of technology know-how, Vation Technology offers the CEO, CTO, CIO or equivalent faction of any company, from start-up to multinational conglomerate, a comprehensive portfolio of advanced technology advisory services addressing their specific issues.

  • We help corporate users in companies and organizations with the drafting, development and implementation of their IT strategy as well as assist them through unbiased recommendation and selection of appropriate and forward-looking vendors of CRM, SCM, ERP, IT-Management and communications products. The central focus of our work is the in integrating IT controlling with corporate and IT strategy. We are also prepared to offer an interims management to our clients. Our vendor independence guarantees our clients unbiased recommendations, with no hidden agendas.

  • We actively advise international software manufacturers and vendors as well as service providers on the basis of solid, comprehensive and objective market research, which allows us to analyze the development and changes in trends in the technology marketplace.

  • We help manufacturers and vendors to establish themselves in new and existing markets and develop strategies for the marketing of their products and value added services. We support manufacturers and vendors with tailored market analysis and market reports with highly professional scope and advanced level of technological know-how for the most challenging technology issue.

  • We will conduct customized project work of the following nature on a contract basis:

    • Development and implementation support in the area of corporate strategy planning
    • Conceptualize and conduct customer satisfaction analyses
    • Analyses of market situation and development as well as competitive comparative studies of market relation to key player market position
    • Development and review of marketing- and market strategy
    • Market observation, market survey
    • Win-/Loss analyses
    • Conceptualization of whitepapers
    • Coaching and training

  • In the product selection and decision-making process we offer the following service:

    • Requirements profile and definition
    • Analysis of current processes
    • Drafting of specification manual
    • Comparative studies of standard market products and benchmarks of services and service providers
    • Service provider evaluations, RFP evaluations and recommendations
    • Coaching during the project duration
    • Moderation of project team meetings
    • Project leadership

Whenever you may need us, we will be there for you. Vation Technology accepts contracts from other European countries and from abroad, as well as from large multi-nationals. Our team offers well founded experience from international projects and from working with multi-national consulting companies.  more ...

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